Marathon in support of small and average business

news Agency “Rosbalt” together with the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg and a member of the Presidium of the all-Russia women’s Council “Hope of Russia” by Irina Ivanova is a marathon in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”.

Pandemic COVID-19 put small and medium businesses on the brink of survival. Most entrepreneurs have failed to take advantage of the promised support measures to overcome the barriers of bukvoezhka and formalism was not so easy.

what is the status of small and medium business due to restrictions related to the pandemic? Any measures to support businessmen expected from the Federal and regional authorities — and that got really? What are the ways out of the crisis they see? These questions will be answered by the St. Petersburg and Russian businessmen from a variety of industries.

on 16 June at 15.00, in the framework of the marathon, we will meet with representatives of the tourism sector. At the event they will discuss what the industry losses are expected at the end of the pandemic coronavirus how much it changes and how, from their point of view, would help entrepreneurs to get out of their crisis with minimal losses

the event will be attended by:

— Elizabeth beach. The Community member Guides of Saint-Petersburg, the General Director of company “President Tour”, representative “National Union of the industry of Hospitality” in the North-West.

— Alain ANOVA, hotelier, leader of the “League of small hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation” in the North-West Federal district;

— Nicholas Baptist, a Boat Partnership “Petrograd”

Victoria Shamlikashvili, the investor of Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg — Tchaikovskogo;

Tamara Builova, Vice President for public relations societiesthe value of the Association of small hotels of St. Petersburg;

Darya Kovalevskaya, mini-hotel LLC “Akroma”;

— Dmitry Shevelev, General Director of OOO “SOYUZ”, the Hotels of St. Petersburg.

To participate in the event and accreditation, you will need to enter your details on the link.

Attention! In order to successfully connect to the event, you need to download the program Zoom on your phone or computer.

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