the ghost of the most famous opera singer of the Twentieth century, returned Wednesday night to haunt Paris, the city where she died 41 years ago. In the salle Pleyel, where this show is still on Friday, the hologram of a quality almost photography is stunning, waking up almost perfectly the gestures of the “voice of the century”. Her put her hands gently on his shoulders, the way she wound her scarf about the arms, its “interaction” with a symphonic orchestra. In the room, some can’t believe their eyes.

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“We really feel that it is there. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it is very striking,” says Thierry, a man in his seventies who knows by heart all the records of the diva’s Greek. It is “mind-boggling, breathtaking, creepy in some ways,” says Olivier, the quarantine. “It is upsetting for our generation that has not known the Callas”. It is far, however, ovations and loud, which served as “the Divina”, which has received a “standing ovation” record of 40 minutes.

“I’ve memorized every turn she made, every sentence, every pause for 90 minutes of music”

Eimear Noone, head of the orchestra,

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But a few bravos were showering after the arias which have immortalized, as La Habanera Bizet’s Casta Diva of Bellini. The show, designed with the latest technology by the american studio Advised , is more true-to-life, even if it has its limits. “The first time it cabotine on stage, she is the diva, she expects everyone to be standing in the process of screaming,” but “there are some meager applause… people say: I become a member? I agree not!”, smiles Olivier. Very few people in the audience have seen the Callas sing in his lifetime and not to know that from the few video clips in black and white.

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The poster of Callas. Displays Salle Pleyel

The Callas has reinvented the opera by giving the taste of the day the Italian bel canto, and especially by putting the theatricality at the heart of the opera thanks to his talent tragedian. It continues to fascinate beyond the world of music lovers not only for her voice but also her personal life is in tumult, including his thwarted love for Onassis which he preferred Jackie Kennedy.

If many, such as Marie-France, to which this show has given “chills”, are moved, fans say they are disappointed. “Me, Callas has always made me vibrate. And there, it does not make me vibrate. Damage,” says Jeanine. The voice of the “Diva absoluta” was unique in the sense that it could easily move notes the most serious to the most acute.

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The show is based on the original recordings remastered, a challenge for the head of the orchestra, irish Eimear Noone. “I’ve memorized every turn she made, every sentence, every pause for 90 minutes of music,” she says. She admits to having been “to the edges of the tears” when she saw the hologram at his side for the first time.

On social networks and in the press, after a move to Brussels or London, some have criticized the “cult of the past”, or even “a morbid fascination”. But for Eimear Noone, it is mainly a new way to attract audiences to opera and classical music. “They will come out of curiosity for the technology, and then will say “oh, Tosca as it is beautiful, and will go see a Tosca live”!”

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The hologram was created from a liner that has “learned every movement of Maria Callas for 12 weeks,” says Marty Tudor, executive producer of Basic Hologram , which has already “risen” Michael Jackson and the rapper Tupac Shakur. The performance was filmed and then enhanced up to obtain a recreation complete digital shown through a projector laser of very high power.

the resurrection of The dead could become a true mother lode of the industry of music… “It raises a lot of questions,” says Olivier. “And if all of a sudden it was back Adolf Hitler? There is this crazy side of the Twenty-first century.”