“The anti-Marie-Antoinette”: the title of this exhibition-folder due to the talent of Évelyne Up says it all. Marie-Antoinette, the movie, is played by Michèle Morgan, Marie-Josephine Louise, his sister-in-law, would have had to be interpreted by Pauline Carton in a film by Sacha Guitry.

Painted in majesty by Marie-Eléonore Godefroid, she would have deserved Goya. Woman of spirit, she had the straight-talking of the princess Palatine and dared to write to Marie-Antoinette in 1780: “If I’m not queen, I’m the wood of which they are made.” In the royal family, we make fun of his physical, his overweight, his shadow of a moustache. One we nicknamed “Mrs. Hairy” does not care.

” If I’m not queen, I’m the wood of which they are made.”

Marie-Josephine Louise

She disdains adornment, and toilet, leaky perfumes, shows his taste for solitude, opens up to the liberal ideas and welcomes favourably the states-general of 1789. She would have been able to agree with her husband. The future Louis XVIII, brother of Louis XVI, is as subtle and intelligent as she is. She taunts and even says, at the time to educate …

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