Mariinsky theatre opens the box office and the historical stage

the ticket office of the Mariinsky theatre and the Mariinsky-2 will begin work August 1, according to the website of the theater. On the same day opens the historical scene.

Since the beginning of the pandemic theatre box-offices were closed in accordance with the provisions of the municipal government on combating coronavirus infection. Tickets for performances the audience could only be purchased online.

“to Return the money for tickets purchased at the box office, after the abolition of the relevant restrictions,” — noted in the theater and added that the performances and concerts, from March 18, are transferred at a later date the current and future seasons. The schedule published on the website of the Mariinsky theatre. Tickets for the rescheduled performances and concerts is valid to take them is not necessary.

But if the man decided to return the tickets, it can be done in two ways. If the ticket is purchased at the theatre box office within 30 working days after the lifting of the ban on entry to the theatre you need to contact the ticket office of the Mariinsky theatre, Mariinsky-2 and the Concert hall of the Mariinsky theatre. To return an electronic ticket, complete the application on the website within 30 working days after the date of production which has been transferred.

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