• Milton H. Greene 1922-1985

October 1954. The series of images, the most recognizable of Milton and Marilyn’s is the Ballerina Sitting , which was named by the magazine Time in 1999 as one of the three best photographs of the Twentieth century, with the photo of Albert Einstein by Philippe Halsman and Winston Churchill by Yousuf Karsh. In this photo, Marilyn keeps the neckline of the dress because it was too small by 2 sizes. Emy, the wife of Milton H. Greene, who had done the shopping for the photo shoot, did not know the measurements of Marilyn. The actress took the party to laugh at this error and on all of the photos from this shoot she likes to maintain her bodice, she could not close.

• André de Dienes, 1913-1985 Credit: André de Dienes Andre de Dienes

André de Dienes discovers the young Norma Jeane in 1945, when he committed to his first job as a model, 19 years old. They will, in the following year, a five-week journey on the roads of California, Nevada and …

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