“The voters of the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais placed me at 55% of the vote”, welcomed the outgoing MP during a speech in Hénin-Beaumont, calling on “all (her) voters to confirm and amplify their vote” where RN candidates will be qualified for the second round, in order “to send a very large group of patriotic deputies to the new National Assembly”.

According to the first projections of polling institutes published after the first round, the macronist coalition Together! would obtain the most seats in the National Assembly at the end of the ballot, but without certainty of obtaining an absolute majority of 289 seats.

It would be ahead of the left alliance Nupes and Les Républicains would be the third force in the Assembly. The RN would get between 10 and 45 deputies, according to these first estimates.

“This result was obtained despite considerable abstention,” said Marine Le Pen after a first round shunned by 52.1 to 53.2% of voters. “It is important not to let” the Head of State “Emmanuel Macron have an absolute majority which he will abuse to apply his self-centered and brutal methods and impose his anti-social project on us.”

In the constituencies where the second round will oppose a candidate Together! to a candidate from the left alliance (Nupes), the far-right candidate urged voters not to “choose between the destroyers from above and the destroyers from below, not to choose between those who want to deprive you of your rights and those who want to deprive you of your property”.

“France is neither a trading room nor a ZAD”, an area to be defended, added Ms. Le Pen, who hopes to transform the trial of the presidential election where she reached the second round for the second time before to be beaten in the end by the outgoing president.

Speaking on TF1, the acting president of RN Jordan Bardella said for his part that he would vote “blank” in the scenario of a second round between a candidate from the presidential party and the union of the left and called his party’s voters “with a start”.

Unlike Marine Le Pen, the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard said on Sunday on TF1 that he would not hesitate “not for a second” to vote for a presidential party candidate in the second round in the event of a duel with a union candidate. of the left (Nupes) despite its “disagreements on security, on immigration, on purchasing power, on the contempt of part of France”.