It was one of the voices of the most popular of the New Wave in the 80’s and 90’s. Lead singer of the band Talk Talk, and composer and performer of the cult Such a Shame , Mark Hollis has died at the age of 64 years. His death was announced by several of his close friends Monday, February 25. While the rumor was circulating on the social networks, the sad news was confirmed on Twitter by the british band the The, group of post-punk English formed in 1979 by Matt Johnson.

His band Talk Talk has deeply marked its time. This figure of the pop has offered to its fans tubes unforgettable as It’s my life and Such a Shame : two success of their album It’s my life . After a smash hit in the 80s, the separation of his legendary group in 1992, the inevitable Mark Hollis drops out of the scene, focusing on his family life. In 1998, he returned to the front of the stage and released his first and only solo album, simply titled Mark Hollis. In the tradition of the Laughing Stock , his record is a pattern marked by improvisation instrumental.

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Born in London in 1955, Mark Hollis monte Talk Talk after the separation from his first group The Reactio n, in 1979. Training flagship of the movement of the New Wave in the early 80s, Talk Talk is focused on pop more experimental as early as 1986 with the album The Colour of Spring , and then definitively in 1988 with the Spirit of Eden , and in 1991 with Laughing Stock , considered by many as a cult.

“An icon of music is indefinable”

Anthony Costello

His cousin by marriage, Anthony Costello has welcomed his memory on Twitter: “A fascinating man and an icon in musical indefinable”.

“I am very shocked and saddened to hear that Mark Hollis is dead,” said the former bassist of the band, Paul Webb, on Instagram. “Musically he was a genius, and it was an honor and a privilege to have played with him in the group,” added the musician who has adopted the pseudonym Rustin Man.

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I am very shocked and saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mark Hollis. (Musically he was a genius and it was a honor and a privilege to have been in a band with him. I have not seen Mark for many years, a goal that like many musicians of our generation I have been profoundly influenced by his trailblazing musical ideas. He knew how to create depth of feeling with sound and space like no other. He was one of the greats, if not the greatest. . . . . #markhollis #talktalk

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