young, very Young. It be reviewed for ever, fine, keen, a young girl in flame, girl in the fire. Wedekind to Claudel, spring Awakening to Exchange . Of Wendla Martha. This is well before the Comédie-Française. It was in the 1970s. She plays under the direction of directors who were his age, around 25 years old. Stone Novels and Anne Delbée, with which it will also be the exhilarating adventure of Thieves of Schiller. Shows that have marked the public and critics and remain in the memories.

Martine Chevallier had already begun a very nice journey in the world of theatre. Born in Gap, rather high in an environment of music lovers, she went naturally to Grenoble. A young band is already talking about it in the city of Stendhal. Jo Lavaudant, Ariel Garcia Valdes, and their friends. But it’s back to the drama centre that runs Martine Chevallier, who will then meet with Bernard Giraudeau. “He came from La Rochelle. It …

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