the third phase of The vast film world of Marvel (MCU) must come to an end on 2 July with the cinema release of Spider-Man: Far From Home . Headlining alongside Tom Holland and Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal made his entrance into the court of the super-heroes and the most lucrative of all time.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel studios, revealed to have been courting the actor for years before entrusting him with the role of the mysterious Mysterio. Another actor is now the next on the list of desires of Feige: the heroes of the sagas Matrix and John Wick , Keanu Reeves.

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After you have announced the theatrical release of an extended version of Avengers Endgame , Kevin Feige has confessed to Comicbook to be in discussion with the actor “for almost all the films” that the studios are preparing. “We are in talks with Keanu [Reeves]. I don’t know when or if it will forever be part of the MCU, but we absolutely want to find the way to do it,” he confided. An approach similar to the one about Jake Gyllenhaal, who could bear its fruits if “the perfect role” was to be presented to the interpreter of Neo.

After a decade of films little noticed or little remarkable, it is by accepting to embody John Wick that the popularity of the actor is a climbing arrow. He plays a former hitman who is back in action against the underworld in new york after a thief killed the dog that his late wife had offered him. Ok, this is not the pitch of the century, but who wants to drop his brain at the entrance to the cinema and back after, , it remains devilishly effective.

By 2019, Keanu Reeves has met a great success with the release of the third part, Parabellum , which has managed to dethrone the last Avengers at the us box office after several weeks at the top of the standings. Next week, we will find him under the features of the toy Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4 .

‘little friend of the Internet”

But the rebirth of the icon of the 1990s is not confined to the dark halls. Since a few years, his popularity soars on social networks. Many people discover a passion for the actor, to the point of creating accounts such as “Keanu” doing things” (“Keanu who’s doing stuff”), which saves to him all alone over 230,000 subscribers.

Lately, his appearance in the movie Netflix Always be my maybe has sparked a new wave of admiration on the canvas, to the point of giving him the title again “boyfriend of the Internet.” There are still a few days left, at the conference presentation of the game Cyberpunk 2077 on the Xbox at E3 – one of the heroes has been created in his image, the actor has made a new sensation, somewhat in spite of himself. Acclaimed by the crowd, Keanu Reeves announces a video gaming experience “breathtaking”. A spectator throws him out: “You’re breathtaking!” The sequence that follows is now the new “meme” favourite of the web.

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Fairly low-key to the city, the actor now enjoys an unwavering support of a new community dedicated. A petition has even been set online in order to request that it be named personality of the year by the Time Magazine . With such a craze, we quickly understand the ambition of Kevin Feige to make it into their clique.

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