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The Return of Mary Poppins , fantasy movie from Rob Marshall, 2h11

In the London of 1930, clouded by the economic crisis, Michael (Ben Wishaw), who became the father of three children, still resides in the family home, but the times are sad and hard. Michael lost his wife a few months earlier, and must alone to raise the children with the help of a brave cook and his sister Jane (Emily Mortimer), a single engaged in social action.

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It is in this difficult context that reappears Mary Poppins, fresh as a rose in the form of Emily Blunt. The wayward governess of the children, Banks was born from the imagination of the novelist british Pamela Travers returned to both intact and renewed by the grace of the staging of Rob Marshall. This is what is called having the sense of tradition. A legacy increased. The Return of Mary Poppins is a masterpiece already in the scenario design, which prolongs the memories, integrating them with the movement of time.

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Basquiat, a teenager in New York , a documentary of Sara Driver, 1h18

Basquiat before Basquiat (1960-1988). Such is the plot of this documentary in the us, that is to say, factual, critical, full of witnesses who experienced “Jean-Michel” and shared his life (“street artists” Fab 5 Freddy, Kenny Scharf, the filmmaker Jim Jarmusch). In Basquiat, a teenager in New York , they tell as much of the character and his time, New York lost to the end of the 1970s, its oddballs, musicians, artists, writers, performers, actors, filmmakers and aspiring poets in the city. Its director, Sara Driver, who was, is concentrated in an exploratory retrospective on this grey area where the star successful of the 1980s is already in the table, shadow, feline and full of appetite.

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Wildlife: A season ardent , drama, Paul Dano, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

In endorsing the range of director, actor Paul Dano fits a harrowing story of Richard Ford. With Wildlife: A season ardent , he brushes the monotony of provincial, reconstructs the period with an accuracy to Todd Haynes, lighting reminiscent of Edward Hopper. A kid contemplates his childhood, which disappears in the middle of the boxes coloured in the supermarket, at the sound of the 33-towers placed on the pick-up, surrounded by melancholy. Dano runs a risk: his first film is likely to be its best. There are dangers more embarrassing.

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The Happy Prince , a biopic of Rupert Everett, 1: 45

Paris is the most sinister of holidays when there is an old English sick, exiled, ruined, ostracized. Hardly more enviable than the gaol of Reading. It happens to be Oscar Wilde to beg. He lives in a hut sordid. Lagging behind in cabarets, where he is the comedian, on occasion, with an extravagance falsely jovial, offers a few gigolos. In this misery, Oscar Wilde reviews his past life, his literary success and social life, his unhappy marriage with Constance Lloyd (Emily Watson)

Rupert Everett: “Oscar Wilde is the Christ of the gays”

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of Course, Rupert Everett manages to marry aesthetics and decadence in the manner of his model. But this gives a climate sticky, an atmosphere hardly breathable. The Happy Prince , a title borrowed from a tale of Wilde, is a paradoxically absolute.

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Maya , a drama of Mia-Hansen Love, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

After four months of captivity in Syria, Gabriel, a journalist of thirty years old, is released. Directorate, Goa, on the places of his childhood, where the beauty of the landscapes and a pretty student indian, Maya, will give him a taste for life. Pure Mia Hansen-Love ( A love of youth , The Future ). A film sickly but not devoid of charm.

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the eye of The tiger , a documentary by Raphaël Pfeiffer, 1h18

the first feature film caring about a woman of character. Blind, Laurence Dubois took care of his little boys and is training for competitions of viet vo dao. Her husband farmer supports. A portrait, made without comment in the manner of the series the belgian striptease . The Foundation VISIO has funded the development of audio-description of the film, so that a maximum number of people visually impaired or blind will be able to discover this true story.

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The Emperor of Paris , film history, Jean-François Richet, 1: 50pm

there are all the ingredients for a great film popular. A hero high in color, Vidocq, a convict became a police officer with unorthodox methods, already mythologized through literature, television and film. A period epic (the reign of Napoleon), a casting gleaming (Vincent Cassel, Fabrice Luchini, Denis Ménochet, Patrick Chesnais), mugs not possible, wigs, hair and snags, rotten. However, The Emperor of Paris fails to get rid of a heaviness pachydermique. The scenario falls into all the traps (the flirtation between Vidocq and Annette), and has less blast than a tb

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Aquaman , fantastic film from James Wan, 2h24

The director of Furious 7 revisits, in its own way, the legend of king Arthur and the Atlanteans in a fratricidal war 20.000 leagues under the sea. Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman are dabbling in their role of loubard amphibian, samurai of water and queen of the fish women. Not what to take the most laughable of super-heroes seriously.

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The Bookshop , the drama of Isabel Coixet, 1h53

In 1959, the travails of a widow who wants to open a bookshop in Hardborough, a village in the north of England. In this adaptation of the book of Penelope Fitzgerald, there are the good guys and bad guys. Without shades. A pity for the excellent Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy.

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Grass , a drama by Hong Sang-soo, 1h06

Behind his computer, a young woman (Kim Min-hee) observe the customers of a café. Especially couples who loved each other and tear. It is in black and white and thankfully short. And as often in the south Korean filmmaker, it drinks a lot. Alas, you can not escape the hangover.

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