Mashkov of

well-Known Russian actor and Director of theatre and cinema Vladimir Mashkov stood up for the actor Mikhail Yefremov staged a “drunk” road accident in Central Moscow, in which a man died.

“there was a huge tragedy. For the victim’s family, for the Mikhail Olegovich”, — said Mashkov NTV. People’s artist of the Russian Federation called Ephraim “is very real and an honest man.” According to him, Ephraim, “this is an incredibly deep experiences”.

Mashkov said that “alcoholism is a big problem.” However, he noted that “people engaged in creative activities — emotional, sensitive”, vulnerable to this disease.

Mikhail Efremov made a fatal accident on the evening of 8 June in the area of Smolenskaya square. Behind the wheel of his jeep, he in the opposite lane rammed the van. The driver of the car Sergey Zakharov died in hospital.

In the blood of Ephraim was discovered alcohol and drugs. Currently, the actor is under house arrest.

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