one should never let Mathieu Kassovitz get bored. At the risk of being drowned in his tweets pests, the nuance is in what the joy of living is Michel Houellebecq, a horizon very, very distant. His big topic of the moment? The mobilization of the yellow vests. The support? Is this really the question? In any case it is impossible to know in view of the contradictory nature of his statements. The men in yellow vests inspired it and in any case much. Thus, on Saturday, has he lavished on Twitter for valuable tips to “impose the terror of a president who is under the yoke of the powerful of the CAC40”. According to him, it should be simply “to prevent them from returning home”, since they “live all in the same place”. To believe that he saw himself in a bar HOUSING of la Courneuve…

This post has raised many reactions. Among these, there are quite a few messages of support, but a huge majority of internet users say that its attitude “irresponsible”.

Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, has also reacted strongly to the comments of the actor, accusing him of practicing “incitement to violence”. “You want a new George Besse?” he asked, referring to the industrial killed in 1986 by the terrorist organization of extreme left Direct Action.

On RMC, he called the yellow vests to dismiss Emmanuel Macron

Asked on the eve of Jean-Baptiste Stock on RMC Story, Mathieu Kassovitz has yet called the yellow vests, which he deems the battle as “legitimate”, to act not by force, but finding the way to dismiss the president, purely and simply. “If [Macron] had committed a crime that in the French Constitution is that it can be removed, as what is happening in the United States with Trump… No problem! It passes through the system and the system will do that it will fall”,-he said. Not stingy with the recommendations, he has also advised members of the movement to come together, not to stay as a “party that has no head”. For what purpose? “The only program of this party, it is the new Constitution”, he adds without hesitation.

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in Addition to its mockery regarding Franck Dubosc, in which he notes the reversal of the vest, the director of Hate is recently entered in a discussion virulent with Philippe Poutou, always on the social network. Monday, before the speech of Emmanuel Macron to respond to the dissatisfaction in the room, the chair of the New anti-Capitalist party (NPA) has cracked a message to say the least, dubious about the speech to come. Answer by Mathieu Kassovitz: “Let him talk before.”

“So glad Mathieu? Now Macron has spoken and it is well developed”, just tweet after the speech, Philippe Poutou. “Well, yeah. It’s going to be difficult to justify a revolution, the next weekend,” retorted the director. In another post, he even said “very happy to have a president who keeps his line and trying things while listening to and acknowledging its mistakes.” It is true, at the end, “you wanted what, a Mercedes and the new smic to 2500 Philip?”

Between the call for the impeachment of the president or praise his pragmatism, between advisor to the yellow vests and say (25 November) that it does not endorse, Mathieu Kassovitz is really more of a contradiction…