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Mathilde Bonaparte: Our Lady of the arts

In In search of lost time , Proust often reveals the spring constituent of such or such character, quoting one of his phrases, a priori insignificant, launched at the turn of a conservation worldly. In the case of Mathilde Bonaparte (1820-1904), he was heard to say: “Without the French Revolution, I would sell oranges in the streets of Ajaccio.” And it is true that never, either in exile at Trieste, Rome or Florence, under the Restoration, during the Second Republic, the second Empire or the Third Republic, or under the rha and the damascus of its lounges at the Élysée palace, rue de Courcelles, rue de Berri or Saint-Gratien, His imperial Highness has denied the existence of the soil jacobin on which his family has prospered.

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of Course, this niece of Napoleon, cousin of Napoleon III, the tsar Nicholas I and queen consort of the netherlands, wife of head, and influence, has not gone so far as to think republican, to the image of his brother Napoleon Jerome, said …

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