Matvienko has criticized the leadership of the Ministry of industry and trade in the lack of

In the work of the Ministry of industry and trade wants to see more consistency, and in the Russian production — “domestic leave”. This statement was made speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at the plenary session of the Federation Council with the participation of Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”. She also expressed concern about the work load, the Ministry regulating dozens of complicated industries. “I would like to see more consistency in this work. Plans are huge, like many strategies, state programmes, which are taken easily. But even easier they adjusted down the volume, change the timing of the implementation,” she said. According to Matvienko, the leadership of the Ministry “lacks self-criticism”. She also read the material published in one of the official Internet resources, where expressed tough criticism of the actions of the Ministry. There is, for example, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”, says that engineering “foolishly given to foreigners — not for the technology or investment, and for nothing”, in the domestic automobile industry are forced to buy components abroad. According to Matvienko, it is necessary that the Russian production was more domestic leave. In turn, the Chairman of the economic Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Kutepov said that today the office houses two of dozens of Soviet ministries, and this, he says, can lead to interdepartmental conflicts. “Obviously, the breakthrough in the development of the industry is not currently in any industry under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of industry — in fact, exports fall, and, for example, the machine tool industry our market is provided by only 20 percent domestic products,” he said. In this regard, reports RIA “Hthe EWS”, Kutepov invited to consider the proposal on the division of functions and deliver the trading Department. “With regard to the national plan. As part of the activities of the Ministry — the proposed measures are not specific, not systematic, do not include many areas”, he added. Kutepov said that the Ministry needs to study in detail the recovery of the industry after a coronavirus.

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