Maxim Liksutov called the most popular item Bicycle rental

hire a Bicycle in the month of June, far ahead of its last year’s popularity.

with the gradual easing of the quarantine measures in the Bicycle transportation becomes a “lifesaver” in a number of domestic problems and professional problems. It is not only about the possibility to get quickly from one part of Moscow to another. Residents of the capital are tired during prolonged quarantine and a long retreat in stuffy apartments. It’s summer, and citizens are actively using bicycles for recreational trips.

About the rental and the prospects of extension, described on the site Maxim Liksutov, Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of organization of transport infrastructure. The official example called the most popular rental station in Moscow. It is listed at number 466 and located near the main entrance of VDNKH. Her record — 25.7 thousand of lease rentals.

In Moscow, the bike started to compete with road transport. This confirms not only a large number of rental bikes on the streets, but, unbiased statistics. In the first month of summer was made 1.3 million trips by Bicycle, which is 280 thousand more than at the same time a year earlier.

Rental items for couriers and volunteers opened April 10. Without any restrictions they have earned since the beginning of summer. In all that time the inhabitants of Moscow and guests of the capital rented bikes and scooters more than 1.7 million times.

in the late spring, Deputy mayor Maxim Liksutov assured the residents that lease rates will remain the same, and the number of stations will be increased to the end of the year with 570 and 629 units.

On all rental items at the disposal of the city authorities and regulatory authorities enforced strict security measures. Vehicles for rent after every trip disinfected.

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