Funny case, this Mia Hansen-Love. The young filmmaker French, 37 years old, making a film every two years since 2007, and All is forgiven , selected for the directors ‘ Fortnight at Cannes and the Prix Louis Delluc the first film. The Father of my children , A love of youth , Eden … each time, it is the same story. A scene a bit dull. A suffering-centeredness a little painful. A movie theater a little depressed.

In 2016, surprise, The Future watch something else, nerve, heart, life on the screen. Without a doubt, Isabelle Huppert is it for something. The film harvest the silver Bear for best director at the Berlinale film festival and Mia Hansen-Love won a few spectators.

Maya [VM] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

The first few minutes of Maya worried. The director seems to fall back into his through. What a strange idea to imagine Roman Kolinka (Gabriel) war reporter had just been liberated after four months of captivity in Syria. Pierre Niney plays the fire brigade, but all the same. And then, Gabriel, leaves everything and goes to Goa to settle in the home of his childhood. From to better find themselves, why not. Gabriel meets Maya, a student, lovely, and visits India, beautifully filmed. It’s not much but the essentials. Beauty will save the world and mankind.

Maya Drama from Mia Hansen-Love.
With: Roman Kolinka and Aarshi Banerjee… duration: 1: 45.