“Why is it that everyone sleeps with Blacks in this family?” The phrase comes from the mouth of Jay Gladstone, billionaire jew whose life is in the process of spin. It’s not going to fix things. Already, the problems piled up. He has a basketball team whose star player going through a existential crisis. Translate: he wants more money. His second wife dream of having a child. No question, he already has a daughter from a first marriage. Aviva layer with a Afro-American that is obsessed with the palestinian cause. A prosecutor asked if she should charge the real estate tycoon for homicide. Big hesitation, because it must manage at the same time the case of a white policeman and a little nervous, who shot a man of color (the type in question would jump on him in the most simple device). There is a cousin who hijacks the merits of the case family. What a baddie, this Franklin. Nothing is more annoying than his penchant to imitate the voice of Cary …

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