Media: Abbot Sergius of the Russian Orthodox Church declared

Quarreling with the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), the former “chaplain of Poklonskaya” Sergiy (Romanov) he called the main enemy of the country. The environment of chiyoumen said that his words distorted, writes

“Now the main enemy in Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church. What you see now is the plans of those who hate Russians, you see them in execution”, — quotes the portal of the speech of the rector of Sredneuralskaya convent.

the Abbot was appealed to the mothers of the Committee the “Parent response”. Noting that the future belongs to the children, he blessed them to ensure that they received a “happy childhood, a decent education and health care.” The monk said “he wants you to live with God, not to depart from the Church to the schools inculcated the law of God.”

He also wished to “was the Orthodox Tsar in Russia that was the boss in Russia”, which “does not steal, does not drag out of your house”.

Associate priest Vsevolod Moguchev explained that father Sergius was referring to another enemy, the hater of Russia, which sends its forces to crush the ROC and sees it as its “main enemy”. “According to chiyoumen, the ROC is the enemy of fascists and invaders, godless power, offering to vote for anti-people Constitution, “digitals”, leading Russia into an electronic concentration camp of Satan, MPs of betraying the interests of the people, abbatical, Hasidim, heretics, enemies of the Mother of God and our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ,” explained Moguchev.

As reported, the Orthodox Church forbade chiyoumen in the service for a curse to the closing of the churches in pandemic coronavirus. Militiamen opened to him, the administrative case and found preaching extremism.

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