Media: Actor Mikhail Kokshenov has died after Contracting coronavirus

Reporters found out the details of the death of people’s artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Aksenova.

As reported by “MK” referring to Telegram channel chain, the cause of death of famous comedian was not cancer or any other disease and infection.

Specifies that Kokshenov died as a result of “complications of coronavirus”. According to the publication, the actor spent several days in hospital with suspected COVID-19.

media earlier today reported that Kokshenov has died on 84-m to year of life after heavy illness.

Recall that Kokshenov in October 2017, was hospitalized with a stroke. In January he was discharged 2018.

Mikhail Kokshenov became famous for his roles of village simpletons and simple-minded men. Played in the movie “can’t be!” “Good weather in Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains”, “Shirley myrli”.

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