At least since the beginning of June the airline “Aeroflot” continues to carry out passenger flights abroad despite the ban on international flights. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to employees of the three airlines.

the Newspaper informs that the aircraft “Aeroflot” flying from Moscow to Frankfurt, Paris, London, new York, Seoul and tel Aviv. From the beginning of June the flights are performed weekly, and with Stora weeks of the summer the company operates flights in them, except the capitals of Israel and South Korea, twice a week, also the schedule has added a weekly flight to nice, two in Barcelona and two flights to Rome, specify “Vedomosti”.

according to RBC, the airline’s website open the sale and return tickets. Flights not advertised, but the demand for them is very good, despite the fact that the ticket sale starts in less than a week without a booking for the following week.

Because Europe has not opened the border, need only EU citizens and also those who have citizenship or residence permit in a European country, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the employees of the two airlines.

Tickets for these flights are much more expensive than the flights of the same duration in Russia, for example, the cheapest ticket from Moscow to Rome will cost 17-35 thousand rubles, while the ticket to Novosibirsk on the same four-hour flight will cost 6.1 thousand RUB Employee of “Aeroflot” explained this difference in price is the fact that the back planes are flying without passengers.

“International cargo flights allowed. These flights are designed as cargo, but they with the permission of the Federal air transport Agency is sold”, — said two members of “Aeroflot”.

Recall that in a pandemic coronavirus Russia has suspended flights on March 27, leaving an exception only for export flights to Russians who found themselves abroad forI foreigners, who had to return home.

At the same time for flights between Russian regions restrictions were not introduced, however, due to a sharp drop in demand in terms of quarantine, airlines have started to cancel flights.

According to reports by RBC, partially open air service is planned from July 15 — at the first stage will resume flights to 15 countries, including European countries, Turkey, China and South Korea. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that Russia will open the international flights how to let furnished.

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