Media: Against Furgala can bring a case about organizing a criminal community

against the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala in the presence of bases can initiate a criminal case about organizing a criminal group, reports TASS, citing sources.

Informed source RIA “Novosti” reported that Furgala suspected of organizing assassinations of a competitor Eugene dawns in the early 2000s. the Source alleges that the reason for the interest in the Governor become law enforcement officers the testimony of detainees in the past year artists, confessed to the killings and pointed at Furgala as the customer. The source of the Agency claims that the reason for all that had happened was that as Governor Furgal, presumably, began to make decisions in favor of affiliated companies that is not like other businesses.

According to official data of the RF IC, the Governor Furgala will be charged with organizing murders and attempted murders of businessmen in 2004-2005. It is also checked for involvement in particularly serious crimes committed on the territory of three regions — the Khabarovsk and seaside edges and the Amur region. Furgal was arrested on Thursday morning while driving to work. Judging by the video, it was pulled commandos in camouflage. Now the plane Furgala was transported to Moscow.

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