Media: China's forbidden to publish the article Putin to the anniversary of the Victory

China has blocked the translation of the article “75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and future”, written by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the causes of the Second world war.

according to “Medusa” with reference to the data service WebSitePulse, the material was published on a Chinese version of the website Sputnik 20 June, but not “hung” there for one day.

it is Noted that the reasons for this decision are not told neither in a press-service Sputnik, nor in MIA “Russia today”. The experts believe that China thus refrains from promoting rossyskoy policy, despite the strategic partnership agreement the state media of China with “MIA Russia Today”.

Professor of global communication at the University of Georgia Maria Repnikova notes that in many questions Russia is much more dependent on China, so on an equal partnership, however.

Recall that in his article Putin justifies Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and entrusts the leadership of Poland the responsibility for the attack Hitler. The material was a response to the European Parliament resolution condemning Stalinism, Nazism and other totalitarian regimes.

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