Media: Deputy head of the General Prosecutor's office staged a riot with assault on a police officer

In Moscow mischief and was dismissed Deputy head of the physical protection and security of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Mylnikov. A senior lawyer was arrested for public disturbance in a drunken state and being delivered in OVD “Filevsky Park”, attacked a police officer. According to “Kommersant”, the detainee did not like the requirement of law enforcement to remove the strap before placing the camera.

after Learning about the misconduct Mylnikov, head of the state office of public Prosecutor Igor Krasnov attorney was fired.

the circumstances of the incident are now studied by the staff of the Investigative Committee under the order of head SK Alexander Bastrykin. “The Minister has instructed to give a principled assessment of the actions of the attacker, and put control in the Central office during the procedure of the test and its results”, — said the representative of the press service of the investigation.

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