Media: Drunk policeman has arranged an accident near Chelyabinsk, died regardez

In the Chelyabinsk region there was a fatal accident at the fault of the employee patrulno-sentry duty of police, who got behind the wheel drunk.

As the portal 74.RU, Mazda car under control of 24-year-old driver drove into the oncoming lane on the highway Riga — Yuryuzan on Saturday morning.

the police Car collided with a car “Lada Priora”, which was ruled by 35-year-old employee of Regardie.

According to the press service of the regional Moi, the drivers of the domestic car died at the scene. About his belonging to the security forces later told the media.

the police also noted that a member of the PPP in the day of the accident was on vacation and went to the car. Now he faces dismissal and criminal liability.

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