Media: During the protests in the United States killed at least 11 people

In the United States during the protests over the death of an African-American George Floyd after the arrest policijskim killed at least 11 people, reports AP, citing its own calculations.

the same number named the American TV channel KTLA-5. According to media reports, the victims were from nine cities: St. Louis, Louisville, Oakland, Indianapolis, Davenport, Minneapolis, Omaha, Detroit, Chicago, and most of them were dark-skinned. In particular, there are currently a 22-year-old African American with his accomplices began to beat the white male, who was armed and shot one of the attackers.

in addition, injuries to hundreds of people across the country, their exact number is not installed.

Recall that in the U.S. for several days, held a protest against police brutality. In some cities they are accompanied by riots, looting, looting and riots.

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