Media: Escaped from China the doctor told the truth about the coronavirus

a Virologist from Hong Kong, Dr. Lee man Yan, fled to the United States, in an interview with Fox News said about hiding the truth about the dangers of coronavirus.

the Woman claims that may be among the “disappeared” of informants. Yang explained that, in her opinion, the Chinese authorities knew about the new coronavirus long before said about it. She also explained that her leaders are known as some of the leading experts in the field, ignoring its ongoing at the beginning of the pandemic studies, which, in her opinion, could save lives.

the Virologist said that one of her friends, a researcher from the Center for control and prevention of diseases in China, knew about transmission from person to person long before China or who admitted that such a distribution possible. According to the woman, she told me about some of my discoveries to the scientific leader, but “he just nod.”

Doctors and researchers who previously openly discussed the virus suddenly became silent, she explained. “The doctors ominously said, “We can’t talk about it, but we need to wear masks”” she said.

in addition, the University of Hong Kong, where he worked as a virologist, I removed the page of a former employee from the site. The Chinese Embassy saying that “I never heard about this person,” and rejected all published data.

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