Media: Family of former Minister of agriculture was among the three largest landowners in Russia

the Company “Agrocomplex name Tkachev,” founded by the father of the ex-Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev, among the three largest landowners in Russia. Land Bank of the company in 2019 rose to 653 thousand hectares, writes citing an annual ranking of the BEFL.

the ownership Structure of the company in 2014 is confidential. Prior to that, shareholders were considered the elder brother of Alexander Tkachev Alexey and their father, Nikolai Tkachev, who died in 2014. S

and 7 years, the company acquired 453 thousand hectares, 3.2 times increased its land Bank and by may 2020 bypassed group “Rusagro” the former Senator Vadim Moshkovich. Second place among the largest landowners stores holding “prodimeks” Igor Khudokormov, owning land in the amount of 865 thousand hectares. the leader of the list remains the APH “Miratorg” Viktor Linnik and Alexander (1.04 million ha).

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