Media: Famous portraits of Choi and celebrity photographer suspected of raping a model

award-Winning Russian photographer Sergey Bermeniev raped the girl who came to his photo shoot. This is stated in the message of the REN TV.

Bermeniev allegedly molested the model in his Studio in the centre of Moscow. The victim said that he came to the shooting around midnight at the invitation of “assistant” wizard.

Host and model drank, and then she was in the bedroom and raped. Home Bermeniev allowed to go to the girl only in the morning. Allegedly, he did it through social networks, if she safely reached.

review of the Maestro no, the age of the victim was not specified.

Bermenieva 56 years, he posed the poet Joseph Brodsky, filmmakers Federico Fellini and Quentin Tarantino, musician Viktor Tsoi, Hollywood stars Richard Gere and Meryl Streep.

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