Media: For 5 years in Russia has allocated more than 7 billion rubles on non-lethal weapons to disperse demonstrations

Over 5 years — from 2015 to 2020 in the Russian Federation has allocated 7.3 billion rubles for the purchase of non-lethal weapons to disperse unsanctioned street protests. This is stated in the report “Technology acceleration” which is prepared by the human rights project “apology of protest”.

As told to “Kommersant” the report’s author — lawyer Alexander Peredruk — not all allocated funds are spent. But, he said, after studying the published and the contract already, “correct to talk about the readiness of security forces to spend the special equipment amount exceeding 7 billion rubles.”

So, water cannons and sprays gas Regardie and the police in 2015 have signed contracts to 850 million rubles. This year it is planned to spend another 30.5 million, Another 1.5 billion roubles over the past 5 years, the security forces wanted to spend on stun guns, a 410 million — shockproof shields. For the purchase of grenade launchers of 2015 dedicated 70.5 million rubles. One of the most expensive acquisitions (4.4 billion) — armored special vehicles equipped with integrated non-lethal effects.

this is noted in the report, most of the purchased security forces in 2015, not used until now. Peredruk believes that this is due to the law “On police”, according to which the weapons non-lethal effects cannot be applied on non-violent, does not violate public order.

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