Media: Gazprom came up with a new supply chain in the DNI and LC

“Gazprom” for the first time ceased to disclose in its accounts the volume of gas supplies in the unrecognized Republic of DND and LNR as supplies to Ukraine, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Even in 2015, the publication, the monopoly took over the gas supply of the Republic “for humanitarian reasons”, putting gas there for $3 billion, but recorded these amounts on account of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, although the payment was not received.

As with 2020 direct contract with “Naftogaz” has no accounting, the old way is impossible. In the Russian concern’s edition confirmed that has stopped disclosing the volume of supply in the LC and the DNI because of the lack of the contract with “Naftogaz”, but refused further comments.

“Kommersant” believes that Russian gas continues to be delivered to Eastern Ukraine, but now “Gazprom” had to find a new legal scheme to do this. Publication failed to figure out how it exactly looks like, but there are two options: through an intermediary or recording on “technological needs”.

we also Recall before it became known that the total income of the members of the Board “Gazprom” has increased in I quarter of this year, 1.7 times yoy to 585,143 million rubles.

However, follows from statements of the group, the salaries of the members of the Board (14 people) fell in January—March by 33.3% to 150,933 million rubles, but jumped the bonuses and other compensation.

At the same time “Gazprom” has finished the reporting period with a loss for the company in the amount of 306,23 billion rubles against profit in 199,47 billion received in the first 3 months of 2019.

the revenue of the group amounted at the end of the first quarter of 2020 1,126 trillion roubles, which is 22% less than in the same period last year.

Cost of sales amounted to 676,35 billion, a decrease of 7%.

As noted earlier, the “Interfax”, samplesthe problem for the concern became abnormally warm winter and the overcrowding of the European repositories, in which the company is actively pumped gas to improve the statistics for 2019. His role was played by the increase of other manufacturers in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market. In the aggregate, a dramatic excess of supply over demand led to a record reduction in the cost of fuel indicated

it was Also reported that by 2020, Gazprom has budgeted the sum of $133 per thousand cubic meters with a possible drop to $70 in summer, however, the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 dealt another blow.

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