Media: German neo-Nazis are trained in the camp near St. Petersburg

Right-wing extremists from Germany are training with a military bias in the camp near St. Petersburg, told the German magazine Focus (translation — InoPressa).

journalists report that a few participants are members of the party “Third way” and “Young nationalists” monitored by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution.

As the material, the camp “Partizan” is driven by right-wing extremist “Russian Imperial movement”. Participants are taught the handling of weapons, explosives, melee, and alumni, including the Swedes and Finns join the Russian armed groups in Eastern Ukraine, write media.

“German security services informed about the training of young right-wing extremists in Russia, but supposedly can’t interfere with their travel to St. Petersburg for legal reasons. The Agency believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin informed about such camps, and at least allows them to exist”, quoted InoPressa.

in the Spring, the EU once again expressed concern about the detentions and torture in Eastern Ukraine. Relevant departments called on the authorities to investigate violations, and Russia — “to influence armed groups that it supports.”

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