Media: gunmen In Syria kidnap children and force them to fight

In Syria, the rebels replenish their ranks at the expense of children and adolescents. this writes the “Anadolu”, citing its sources.

According to media reports, children are abducted and forced to participate in hostilities. Children and adolescents also trafficked to bases of terrorists in the area of mount qandil in Northern Iraq, while families are unable to obtain any information about them, and those who protest, intimidate, clarifies the issue.

According to him, only last month, gunmen kidnapped and forcibly put under the gun four girls aged 11 to 17 years. The kidnapping occurred in areas amude, Qamishli and Rumeilan the province of hasakah in northeast Syria and in the district of Sheikh Maksoud, Aleppo province.

Earlier, the U.S. state Department acknowledged the facts of abduction of children in Syria. Later the UN released a report that criticized the use of coercion of adolescents to participate in the fighting in Syria.

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