Media: In all Russian schools will receive camera with face detection function

all schools of Russia will be installed video surveillance systems with face recognition technology. For equipping the schools with cameras will meet the national centre for information (NCI), included in the Corporation “rostec”, write “Vedomosti”.

according to the publication, customers of works on equipping of schools with cameras were made by the regional departments of education. Video surveillance systems will be placed in the corridors, halls, stairways and outside the building to monitor the perimeter.

the Total amount of the contracts already placed, according to “Vedomosti”, is over 2 billion rubles. For one school we need about 20 cameras. All elements of the surveillance system will be connected to the system Orwell with the face recognition module NtechLab.

To date, the system is already installed in 1608 schools in 12 regions of the Russian Federation.

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