Media: In April, hundreds of Russians went abroad in private because of the pandemic, the borders

In April 2020 during a pandemic coronavirus hundreds of Russians traveled abroad. It is reported by RBC with reference to foreign statistics.

In the first place — South Korea. According to the National tourism organization of Korea, there have been 1 223 thousand Russians, with more than 1 thousand of them were members of marine crews. Also the Russians came to this country for tourist, business, official and “other” purposes.

In the second place by number of trips of Russians — Turkey. According to the Turkish Ministry of culture and tourism, visited on April 922 the Russians. The purpose of the visits is not specified.

Also in the top three is Bulgaria. According to the National statistical Institute of the Republic in April 2020 drove 635 citizens of Russia. Most of the purpose of travel is neither tourist nor a utility or a business.

In the five countries are Serbia (arrived 190 the Russians), in the United States — (136).

In March, Russia has suspended international air travel and began to operate flights for transportation of passengers from abroad. June 8, the Russians were allowed to travel abroad for work, study, treatment or care for relatives. This requires certain documents confirming the right of departure.

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