Media: In Austria, the detained Chechen

In Austria, was detained natives of Chechnya, chasing girls, acting “too westernized”, Austria Today reports citing local media.

reportedly, five men and one woman aged from 19 to 37 years were arrested in Vienna and Linz. They are suspected of harassment and threats women from Chechnya, their partners and relatives. The reason for persecution could be things like a photo in a swimsuit in social networks or relations with the person not from Chechnya.

According to militiamen, from the beginning of the year recorded at least 10 cases where victims had received threats, “instructions” about how to behave, or even become the targets of physical violence. The police conducted an investigation and as a result of coordinated operation arrested suspects in two cities. They seized a gas and signal guns and 5,000 euros in cash.

the Detainees were charged with causing bodily harm, coercion and the organization of criminal community. Investigators believe that freedom could stay the rest of the group.

it is Noted that the operation was carried out in June, but it has become aware of only now.