Media: In Dagestan officially left 26 patients COVID-19, which is 100 times less than the average data

According to the official data of the Federal headquarters on may 28, in Dagestan under 4579 cases of coronavirus (recovered 4402, 151 — died) there are only 26 active patients COVID-19. According to the Agency is 100 times smaller than in regions with similar figures for the total number infected. Moreover, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin sent to the Republic of brigades of medical workers to assist. Note that now the region takes the sixth place among Russian regions by the number of cases of coronavirus infection. Next to go Sverdlovsk (4693 case COVID-19, fifth place) and Rostov region (4287 cases, seventh place). In these regions over the past day were identified, respectively, 268 and 154 new cases of coronavirus in Dagestan 124. A small number of active cases due to the fact that in Dagestan, according to official statistics, have recovered 4402 person. Thus it turns out that of the 124 identified for the last day of 98 patients had to recover or die, indicates the Agency, adding that these regional staff say that 4103 resident of Dagestan are currently in isolation, but they are not considered as officially ill. Meanwhile, on the website stopmanager.of the Russian Federation indicated that in the Sverdlovsk region is now sick with coronavirus 2843 man, in the Rostov region — 2723. Recovered in these regions is almost three times less than in Dagestan, where recovered 4402 person. While in the Caucasian Republic had a high mortality rate COVID-19 — 151 died compared to 35 deaths in the Rostov region and 23 cases in Sverdlovsk. Thus, in occupying the 4-th line of the Nizhny Novgorod region of 5.6 thousand active patients (only 8.9 thousand infected), a leading Moscow — almost 100 thousand people, while closing the top ten in Krasnodar Krai — 1160 patients. Givennome figure Dagestan can only be compared with Chukotka — where, according to official figures, 25 active cases of coronavirus, but for the time of the observations revealed only 66 cases COVID-19. For comparison, in neighboring Dagestan, Chechnya coronavirus flu 416, in Kalmykia — 530 indicates the media. Earlier, on may 17, the first official message about the difficult situation with coronavirus in Dagestan. Then the head of the regional health Jamaludin Gadjibekov live in Instagram announced the death of more than 40 doctors in the country. He also said about 13 thousand cases of community-acquired pneumonia and 600 deaths from the disease. Later, the President held a meeting with the leadership of the Republic, in the region were sent additional forces of the Ministry of emergency situations for disinfection, the defense Ministry announced the construction in the Republic of multifunction medical center with 200 beds to help the infected with the coronavirus. On the eve it became known about sending in the region of Moscow doctors.

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