Media: In Khabarovsk, the police began recording the faces and data of all the journalists covering the protests

the Khabarovsk police began to take pictures of journalists covering protests. In addition, on Friday morning was arrested the author of the YouTube channel and Alexei Romanov, who led a popular online broadcast from Khabarovsk shares.

As reported DVHAB.RU, yesterday at Lenin square, where on the 20th day of protesters gathered, the police began to collect data of all journalists who were covering the stock. One of the journalists told the newspaper that he was approached by police and demanded documents. “I showed the certificate, which was immediately photographed. I was filmed. While the police was not presented, although it is in the rank of captain and is aware of this responsibility”, — told the correspondent.

According to the Khabarovsk mass-media, the police also took pictures of all the journalists, including representatives of Federal and foreign mass media. The reason for his keen interest, they refused to name.

Also, law enforcement officers continued to photograph the faces of the protesters.

Recall that after the trial of active participant Valentin “Freddie” by Kvashennikov a police officer from the porch of the court declared that the condemned will all participants of an unauthorized action.

before he was arrested the driver of “Fullmobile” Dr. Buriak and fined notable protesters Valentin Kvashennikov that Khabarovsk was called Freddy.