Media: In Russia may cancel

the Kremlin is studying the question of the use in elections of a number of rules used when voting on amendments to the Constitution. Including talking about the abolition of the “day of silence” before polling day, that the observers were appointed only through the Public chamber (OP), banning the publication of exit polls before the polls closed.

according to RBC, citing a source close to the presidential administration, while no decisions have been made. There is a discussion with the state Duma and the Federation Council. The head of the constitutional Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas confirmed the discussions and noted that he supports these innovations, with the exception of the OP’s monopoly on the appointment of observers. However, the introduction of new practices is possible only after analyzing the results of nationwide voting, he said.

Now to appoint election observers have the right parties, candidates and OP (Federal and regional). If you assign observers will only be OP, it would help weed out the “inconvenient”.

as to the “day of silence”, now the day before the vote, it is prohibited to campaign. But the vote on the Constitution of the “day of silence” because as said by the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, campaigning during the referendum is not regulated. Then she admitted that the rejection of the “day of silence” can be extended to elections. “In many countries there is no “day of silence”, and nothing terrible is happening,” she said.

it is possible that elections will be further applied and used when voting for amendments vote in a few days, but it is also still under discussion.

if all these rules in the case of a decision to move them to the polls to begin to operate in the single voting day on September 13, while not completely clear, but with high probability this will not happen, said the sources.

Presentedrepresentatives of public organizations believe that the introduction of “innovations” will increase opportunities for falsification of voting results and will interfere with the free will of the citizens.

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