Media: In the U.S. has certified the ventilator from Russia

administration of the USA on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA) gave permission to use Russian ventilators.

According to Reuters, the vehicles “Aventa-M” was sent to new York and new Jersey to treat patients without going through the mandatory certification process.

it is Noted that the hospital was preparing for the massive influx of “heavy” patients, so the FDA announced an emergency allocation Protocol devices without the lengthy process of approval.

the Russian spacecraft have not received even this expedited permit for emergency use, and was later taken hospital after fires in medical institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

a representative of the Department of health of new Jersey also said that the devices “Aventa-M” was designed for a voltage of 220 volts, is incompatible with the American power grid.

Informed USA at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to transfer to Russia 200 of the ventilator.

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