Media: In Turkey arrested four alleged French spies

Turkish Authorities have arrested four people suspected of espionage in favor of France, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah.

According to the Turkish newspaper, the detainees were engaged in collecting information “about the inner workings and employees of conservative organizations, religious groups and the Turkish office for religious Affairs”. The publication writes that the suspects used false documents, posing as agents of the Turkish intelligence, and said that collecting data on terrorists, including the terrorist group “Islamic state” (which is prohibited in Russia and other countries).

In particular, according to the newspaper, one of the suspects had been recruited by the French army while serving in Afghanistan. He later worked at the Consulate General of France in Istanbul, and then allegedly established connections with French intelligence. It is claimed that he promised to help with entry into service in the Foreign Legion. The newspaper writes that subsequently, the suspect attracted to the espionage activities of three more people.

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