Media: Jump in radiation in Europe may be associated with a test of Russian missiles

In the United States saw a connection between the jump in radiation in Europe and the Russian test of a cruise missile “Petrel” with a nuclear engine. This writes the American edition of Popular Mechanics.

the Newspaper reminds about the incident in the Arkhangelsk region in August 2019, where, as reported by the American media exploded prototype of the modern of Russian weapons — cruise missiles “savages”. As a result of the incident killed five employees of “Rosatom”. Local authorities have published online information about radiation pollution, but it soon disappeared, adds media, suggesting that something similar could happen now, causing a spike of radiation at the borders of Russia.

This isn’t the first time Europe’s detected radiation leaks likely originating from Russia.

— Popular Mechanics (@PopMech) June 30, 2020

After the bodies of nuclear and radiation safety in Sweden, Norway and Finland in June, recorded in the atmosphere over the territory of Northern Europe increasing concentrations of radioactive isotopes with so-called reactor of origin, they conducted a study. It turned out that one of the detected isotopes iodine-131, and it is a product of a nuclear reaction, is one of the important products of nuclear fission of uranium, plutonium and thorium. This substance carries a great radiation hazard for humans and animals, can cause burns to the eyes and skin, and accumulate in the thyroid gland, causing cancers, indicates mass media.

in addition, the Finnish authorities also reported that it had found small levels of cobalt, ruthenium and cesium in mid-June at the Russian border. It was assumed that the isotopes allegedly received from Russia. However, later the Netherlands Institute denied this version. The Russian authorities also noted that all nuclear power plants are operating normally, without incident. However, there is no guarantee that “Russia is not involved in the tests “savagesand” or other missiles with a nuclear engine, and it is not accompanied by an accidents or emergency,” adds the American media.

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