Media: Kim Jong-UN has postponed the plan of military action against South Korea

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone prepared by the General staff of the country a plan of military action against South Korea. The corresponding message was published by North Korean state news Agency KCNA.

it is reported, the decision was announced at the preliminary meeting of the fifth session of the Central military Commission of the workers ‘ party of Korea of the seventh convocation. The meeting discussed the main aspects of military policy which will be submitted for session of the WPK, and documents relating to the “state of measures on further strengthening the military deterrent force of the country.”

it is Noted that the meeting was held via videoconference.

Recall that inter-Korean relations worsened in mid-June, when North Korea blew up a joint liaison office in the industrial complex of Kaesong near the demarcation line. The occasion was the propaganda leaflets sent into North Korean territory, activists from South Korea.

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