Media: Libya's TNC was going to contract with PMC MAR about port security

Arab media published a document indicating the attempt of the national consensus Government (NTC) to lure a group of Russians in Libya, and then to expose them to the members of reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the PMC “Wagner”.

according to the publication “Russian planet”, the reporter from Tripoli told that the NTC has proposed PMSCs “MAR” to protect oil port of zuwarah. The Russians had planned to capture and then use as evidence of the presence of PMC “Wagner” in Libya. Thus, the government Fayeza Zarraga was going to confirm his version of Russian intervention in the Libyan conflict.

Journalists “breaking news Libya” received from its source, an agreement providing for cooperation between NOC Libya and PMSCs “MAR”. Under the terms of the contract, the senior officer, representing the MAR, agrees to provide security services on the sensitive subject of the oil port of Zuwara, administered by the NTC.

With the help of this contract Tripoli authorities were going to prove the existence of a “Russian trace” in Libya, and then to accuse Russia in support of the commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa the Haftarot.

the signing of the documents was to be held in Istanbul but the Russians arrested in Belarus.

we will Remind, on July 29 in Minsk it was detained 33 of the citizen of the Russian Federation. According to the Investigative Committee of Belarus, they were employees of private military company “Wagner” and planned to destabilize the situation in Belarus before the presidential election. Later, however, according to “Russian planet”, sources in law enforcement bodies of Belarus revealed details of the interrogation, during which detainees confessed in collaboration with the NTC.