Media: near Voronezh found dead conscript with signs of torture, military hazing deny

In the Voronezh region under unclear circumstances killed soldiers. Before death the young man with his part No. 52162 prepared to participate in the Victory parade, said his mother.

the Woman reported that the body of the son, “there were numerous injuries, damaged groin, no larynx, and neck burn from a cigarette,” writes “Tayga.Info”.

the Corpse was found in early April in an abandoned airline.

the commanders of the conscripts stated that he escaped from the garrison and “commit suicide on the basis of unrequited love.” When meeting with a military mother “threw it on the table” some papers, explaining that “I don’t know what’s in the coffin” — that is, where the guy is such terrible damage.

Irina Samedov demanded another autopsy which showed that “wounds inflicted at different times and, most likely, by sharpening”.

Mother said that will be seeking punishment for the perpetrators of the death of Dmitry. “Really, having a healthy child to give back to the Motherland and getting mutilated, “cargo 200″ and false witness, I can forget all this horror”? — justice demanded it.

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