Media: One of the most wanted criminals in the world may be hiding in Russia

Yang Marsalek, which is called the main active face of fraud in Wirecard, may be hiding from justice in Belarus or Russia. About this writes the German publication Spiegel and Bellingcat group.

According to media reports, on the night of 18 to 19 June Marsalek landed at the airport of Minsk, however, because the border between Russia and Belarus actually is not, it may be in one of these countries. Previously it was thought that Marsalek fled to the Philippines, but the evidence for this is not found.

media reports that Marsalek cooperated with the Russian special services and even worked for them. The Financial Times wrote that Marsalek allegedly told friends that went to Syrian Palmyra “with the help of Russia” and showed the partners secret documents about the investigation of the poisoning Skrobala in Salisbury and the Russian poison “Novice”.

Marsalek is a key figure in the scandal with Wirecard. In 2010 he was appointed operations Director, Marsalek called a major “fixer” in the company, however, after auditors Wirecard in June of 2020 found to be missing about 2 billion euros in the accounts of the company, Marsalek started to look, but he was gone.

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