Media: over Rostov Planes nearly collided due to the chatter of dispatchers

the cause of the incident in the sky over Rostov-on-don, when almost faced two passenger aircraft, became foreign conversations of dispatchers, reports REN-TV, citing sources.

As reported, the evening of 10 June for the flight Oslo — Dubai sensor tripped the risk of collision of the aircraft, while the plane flight Rostov — Moscow performed the climb on a collision course.

REN TV reports that the planes were so close to each other that the pilots had seen each other.

the commander of the crew of the Russian airliner A-320 Vyacheslav Taraskin said that the critical situation turned around for a few seconds, and at that time crucial was quick response dispatchers on the ground. However, according to the channel, dispatchers distracted by extraneous conversations and hesitated.

media reports that one of the dispatchers violated five points instructions: not analyzed the situation for potential conflict situations. not controlled the development of the air situation, followed by changing the height of flight of the aircraft, did not inform the pilots about their mutual position, did not take emergency measures to resolve the conflict, but also — was chatting with a colleague on extraneous issues. His colleague and interlocutor has violated three paragraphs of the user. In this senior Manager did not follow the work of subordinates.

Now talking to the dispatchers will have to undergo new training and confirmation of qualification, the Manager faces dismissal.

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