Media: Problems with dealers in Russia, which made a profit of

the Russian market became unprofitable for one of the giants of the Belarusian industry “BelAZ” because of problems with the dealers.

As mark “New news” in recent years the leader of the Belarusian engineering industry is in a difficult financial situation — production and truck sales are falling, and the enterprise has tens of millions of dollars in loans from the EBRD and the Belarusian banks, and repayments to the Fund nerazviti.

according to the newspaper, the decline in production in November last year was 43.7%, this is not the limit. The economist of the enterprise Aliaksandr Yarashuk explains this decline in demand in countries near and far abroad, especially in Russia, which receives the lion’s share produced by “BelAZ”. Problems with “BelAZ” has arisen, including in relations with the dealers.

So, in Russia machinery manufacturer sold to the distributor of the JSC “Trading house “BelAZ”, which will later realize her 10 official dealers of OJSC “BelAZ”, and those already — end customers. Official dealer must annually report to the manufacturer about their financial and logistic condition.

the Russian Owners of the distributor are very OJSC “BelAZ” and rgoo “Presidential sports club”, which is headed by the son of the President of Belarus Dmitry Lukashenko. General Director of JSC “Trading house ‘BelAZ’ is Alexey Lyamin.

‘Novye Izvestia’ writes that in April of this year the Arbitration court of Moscow has accepted to consideration the claim of the shareholder of OOO ‘BELAZ-24’ OOO ‘Propulsive’, registered in Novokuznetsk. It was about two contracts between these firms in the fall of 2016. The plaintiff suspected that the company from Kuzbass with a staff of 4 people ‘do not pull on the role of a dealer with a billion dollar’ contracts and could not perform the Duomo.easy, in fact, ‘only a cover for financial fraud’, the newspaper notes. Indeed, the authorized capital of OOO ‘Propulsive’ is only 10 thousand rubles, and in data to EGRUL trade mining trucks among the core activities did not appear. Moreover, at the time of entering the disputed transactions OOO ‘Propulsive’ had the courts recognized the debts of the two counterparties in the amount of more than 6.5 million rubles and non-payment of tax payments by 7.4 million rubles, that is, the signs of insolvency. So, the shareholder OOO ‘BELAZ-24’ the lawsuit notes that the CEO of the company E. E. typhus is entered into these contracts ‘to the detriment of society’. Meanwhile, on account of OOO ‘Propulsive’ in 2016 received 90 million roubles from the dealer OOO ‘BELAZ-24’ supposedly for services on delivery and installation supervision of the truck. At the same time, according to the plaintiff, a dealer, unlike the second part of the contract, had all the opportunities to do such work.

Also the edition with reference to own sources reports that for the period from October 2018 to may 2020 to the accounts created by Yuri A. Lyamin and Kulaevym V. sh. OOO ‘B-24 mining’ from the account of OOO ‘BelAZ-24’ was derived more than 3.5 billion rubles for allegedly Stripping performed under the subcontract. ‘However, OOO ‘B-24 mining’ did not have the necessary material-technical base and personnel to carry out such works. These works had actually been done by the OOO ‘BELAZ-24’, — stated in the material of the publication.

it is reported that in 2018, OOO ‘BELAZ-24’ has received a loan from Sberbank of Russia worth 3 billion rubles with the maturity of the loan in 2023. Experts note that the output Lyamin money from the accounts of OOO ‘BELAZ-24’ entails the impossibility of execution in the term loan obligations that will lead to the bankruptcy of companies, having left without work of more than 300 employees. And this, note the ‘New news’, will cause negative market service and sales of products of JSC ‘BELAZ’.

the Source is ‘New news’ notes that the official dealers of the company has started to change after Lyamin took office. ‘Equipment BELAZ suddenly started to sell those companies in which Lyamina was ‘its’ Director and its majority shareholders. In the end, the Belarusian side States that the main profit from sales remained at JSC ‘Trade house ‘BelAZ’ (6%), and controlled by him authorized dealers (over 20%). They in turn withdraw money on the accounts of one-day organizations under various pretexts alleged for the provision of services or the execution of a non-existent work“, — stated in the material.

the Decline in profits coming from Russia, has led to a decrease in dividend payments. The situation became interested in the minority parties official dealers, uncontrolled Lyamina, demanding financial and other documentation on the activities of the organizations over the past few years. One of them went to court, however, despite the positive decision, the required documents and did not see, the newspaper writes.

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