Media: Putin will award artists and officials who worked on the new Constitution

President Vladimir Putin intends to award citizens who participated in the preparation and conduct of voting on amendments to the Constitution, which took place from 25 June to 1 July.

According to RBC, the list of awardees will include officials of the presidential administration, representatives of regions, of election commissions, the popular front, members of the “United Russia” and the working group on preparation of amendments to the Constitution, some of the artists and bloggers who participated in the information campaign. According to sources, the Kremlin is compiling a list of recipients of medals and certificates of appreciation from the President.

Their lists for the Kremlin is prepared in the CEC — for awarding diplomas of the chairmen and members of regional election commissions, which registered a good turnout and the result.

it is Planned to award some artists and bloggers, and not only for videos and information about the plebiscite, but also for the activities during a pandemic. For example, some free participated in concerts and promotions for those who were on isolation.

When it will rewarding, is still unknown between lists and signing of the relevant documents and the presentation usually takes several months.

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