Media reported about hundreds of detainees in Moscow to protest against the amendments to the Constitution

In Moscow have detained at least 103 people, reports “OVD-info”. Among them are journalists of RIA “News” and TJournal, and municipal deputatam Julia Galiamina daughter. In addition, security forces detained a member of the PMC and a participant of the campaign “NO!” Marina Litvinovich. It was also reported that the paddy was also chief editor of “Reporter,” Boris Kagarlitsky. Meanwhile, writes “the Media”, among the detainees in protest against the amendments to the Constitution were teenagers. The detainees began to deliver on ATS. So, in the police Department on Butyrsky area brought the detainee with dislocated shoulder. Went there the attorneys from OVD-info Sheremetyeva Elena and Olga Karlova. In the police Department by the Khoroshevskiy district attorney went from “Apology of a protest” Mansour Gilmanov. There, according to media reports, there were four minors and one journalist. To the police Department on the Danilovsky district goes lawyer Maria Eismont. news is supplemented by

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