Media reported about the fall of confidence in the governments of the G7 countries against the background of the pandemic

In the context of pandemic coronavirus reduced the level of confidence in almost all governments of the G7 countries. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Kantar, writes The Guardian.

Data show that in March, 54% of respondents positively evaluated the actions of the authorities in connection with the epidemic, in April of this assessment gave a 50%, and in may this figure had fallen to 48%.

the biggest reduction in public confidence shown by the UK — where the index fell from 69% in April to 51% in may. 2-6% decrease in the level of trust in the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Italy, the media writes, citing data of the survey, which took place between 28 may and 1 June. The participants were 7 012 people.

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